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Atlanta Villa Sdn. Bhd. (875001-H)

(a member of WCT Group of Companies)

No 63, Lorong Batu Nilam 1A, Bandar Bukit Tinggi, 41200 Klang, Selangor D.E, Malaysia

Fax: +(603) 3323 1217


Developer License: 13492-1/05-2017/01695(L). Validity Period: 08/05/2016-07/05/2017. Advertisement & Sale Permit: 13492-1/05-2017/01695(P). Validity Period: 08/05/2016-07/05/2017. Approval Authority: Majlis Perbandaran Klang. Building Plan Approval Number: Phase 1: () dlm MPK/BGN-600-4/1/101(2013); Phase 2: () dlm MPK/BGN-600-4/1/103(2013); Phase 3: () dlm MPK/BGN-600-4/1/99(2013); Phase 4: () dlm MPK/BGN-600-4/1/100(2013). Land Encumbrances: Free from Encumbrances. Tenure of Land: Freehold. Total Units: 266, Phase 1: Semi-D: 72 units; Bungalow: 14 units; Phase 2: Semi-D: 36 units; Bungalow: 24 units; Phase 3: Semi-D: 32 units; Bungalow: 21 units; Phase 4: Semi-D: 34 units; Bungalow: 33 units. Expected Completion: May-2017. Selling Price: Phase 1: Semi-D: RM1,275,000 (Min) - RM1,605,700 (Max); Bungalow: RM2,280,000 (Min) - RM2,801,700 (Max); Phase 2: Semi-D: RM1,442,000 (Min) - RM1,799,000 (Max); Bungalow: RM2,721,000 (Min) - RM3,404,000 (Max) ; Phase 3: Semi-D: RM1,618,000 (Min) - RM2,019,000 (Max); Bungalow: RM2,797,000 (Min) - RM3,103,000 (Max); Phase 4: Semi-D: RM1,810,000 (Min) - RM2,230,000 (Max); Bungalow: RM2,479,000 (Min) - RM3,428,000 (Max). Bumiputera Discount: 7%. Restriction in Interest: Nil. Property Type: Semi-D & Bungalow.

The plans and information contained in this website are subject to change and cannot form part of an offer or contract. All renderings are artist’s impression only. All measurements are approximate. While every reasonable care has been taken in preparing this website, the Developer cannot be held responsible for any inaccurancies. All items contained in this website are subject to variations, modifications and substitutions, as may be required by Authorities or Panel Architect or Engineer.